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        We've closed our store..... NOT our business!

                  ...and we've appreciated your business over the years and hope we can still be of service.


Maedel Photo Services was established in October, 2007, several years after closing Maedel Cameras, the family full-service camera store in Monroe, Michigan.



Photo restorations and manipulations is our specialty (check out our sample page!), with photography and Video/DVD services following closely behind. 

Our History in Pictures. If you're a Monroe native you'll enjoy seeing the old camera store go through changes starting back in the early 1950's. But... more than this ... you'll get to see many of our customers who were photographed with my father's 'hidden camera'. A miniature Minox 'spy camera' was on a tripod off to one side of the main counter where my father did most of his business. He had a long cable release taped to the back of the showcase and would snap pictures as he waited on customers.

Much to their surprise, he would have an album out which he would encourage them to look through as they waited for their turn... and THERE THEY WERE!  You'll notice that these pictures were usually taken from a low angle off to the left of the customer.

Years later that camera was replaced with a Polaroid camera  and the customers were either asked if they would mind being added to our growing gallery or were simply having the camera demonstrated to them. Most times they were flattered. Then he started having them sign their own pictures

Eventually the pictures went from the album to being displayed along the upper showcase soffit running the length of the store.  If your picture was up there, you were SOMEBODY!. We started to even get requests to have pictures taken!

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